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  • Dena and I were introduced to Zoltan and ZFC through a referral from our architectural firm. We were impressed early on with Zoltan's professionalism and found his entire crew to be extremely friendly and highly focused on their work. We also appreciated having the option to select either fixed bid or time & materials terms for the contract.
    The project (a significant remodel and addition to our existing home) was a very positive experience overall.  ZFC's crew is highly skilled and they clearly care about craftsmanship. When surprises arose, Zoltan was quick to assess the situation, offer several solutions, and execute our preferred fix at minimal expense. When one understandable error was made in a tiled section, ZFC took full responsibility and reworked the tile at their expense, no questions asked.  Most importantly, we always felt we were dealing with an honest company — one that [not only] cared about our preferences but also brought extensive knowledge to the decision-making process and helped guide us when needed.
    We have since recommended ZFC to a number of prospective clients and will continue to do so. We are thrilled with our new home. 

    — Dena and Max Sutlin

  • Zoltan and his crew did a major remodel on my home in Innis Arden about 5 year ago. This was a down-to-the-studs remodel encompassing kitchen, guest bath, master bath, and all living space throughout the entire 4800 square foot home. It took about 18 months to complete. The end result is that I could not be happier.
    We had heard of remodel nightmares that friends had experienced, some devolving into lawsuits. We experienced none of this.
    The work was done in a timely manner with continual progress towards completion.  Change orders were handled in a consistent fashion and well-documented in a business-like manner. Most importantly the work was done at a top notch level of craftsmanship.
    Let me give you two examples that continue to put a smile on my face 5 years later. Porcelain tile had been selected for the master bath by our designer. Unbeknownst to me there was a veined pattern in the tile that could have easily been ignored. Extra time was taken in the laying of the tile to select and position tiles around the tub surround and flowing onto the floor in such a way that emphasized the veining and made sense of the design. Instead of a mixture of colors the end result was something quite different. To this day I appreciate this.
    Another example are the fir caps on  8 x 8 reclaimed timber posts integrated into our stairs and railing throughout the house. Once again  time and care was taken to make these something special. The caps consist of four triangular pieces that when put together form a square cap on the post.  What continues to delight me is that as you look at these the graining in the wood all lines up  forming little squares that get bigger the farther away from the center of the cap, like the rings on a cut tree.
    Both of these examples could have been completed in a workman-like manner and would have been just fine, [but] the extra time and care taken to produce the finished product has provided much pleasure and appreciation for the home that live in. I would highly recommend Zoltan and his crew. We found the pricing to be fair and felt that we received first class service and quality.

    — Kent Shafer

  • Let's see, where do I start…. About 2 years ago my wife and financial planner/advisor convinced me that it would be a good idea to remodel our home rather than sell and relocate. My wife, not I, felt the house was dated and needed to go from being a “country home” to a “contemporary home”.
    The first hurdle was finding an architect and working with him to get plans drawn. That in itself took a bit of time, my wife would explain what she envisioned and he would draw it up and then they would sit down and make whatever changes they felt it needed to make the whole thing work.
    Next was finding our contractor and at the same time dealing with King County for permits. The permits process was a bit trying but fairly straightforward. We had a fairly tight budget for the project so were doing everything we could to save on cost, so we got our permits [ourselves] rather than having the contractor get them.
    The biggest headache for us was finding the right contractor. We had talked to a group of them and had a couple in mind that we were trying to decide between. While the contractor search was going on a very good friend had told us that he had a great team that did the remodel on his home.
    Now you have to understand, our friends' home and our home were two totally different creatures. I'd been in our friend, Mr. S's, home many times, and it is like something you would find in Architectural Digest, absolutely amazingly beautiful. I knew that his remodel had to have cost a fortune and there was no way I was going to be able to afford to hire his people. Mr. S kept after me telling me that I needed to talk to his buddy, Zoltan.
    There were two reasons why I finally talked to Zoltan. The first being, to get Mr. S off of my back about talking to him (I didn't want to offend Mr. S by not talking to his guy, but I knew I wouldn't be able to afford his guy and didn't want to waste his time). The second reason was when at Mr. S's house he pointed out the corner posts on his staircase. The caps on these posts were square, maybe 8" x 8" and rather like a 2" tall pyramid. They were made with 4 triangular pieces. The wood grain in all 4 pieces matched up with each other so when looking down on them the grain was like looking down onto the trunk of a tree that had been cut. Perfect rings going from the center out. I couldn't imagine the skill involved in doing that and asked if Zoltan did that. S told me that actually it was his brother Zsolt's work.
    I decided then that I'd let these guys give me a bid. About a week later Zoltan came to our house, looked at everything we wanted to do, made some cost-saving recommendations, and took a set of the plans. We were pleasantly shocked when we got his bid. Not only did he meet our budget, but he also beat the prices of the other contractors we'd dealt with. Work started on our home about 3 weeks later.
    The remodel on our home was a bit more of a challenge due to the fact that we were living in the home while it was going on. We moved walls and a staircase on the first floor, probably working an area of 1000 square feet. Extended a porch 20 feet, this covered porch now runs the length of the house and gives us a beautiful sheltered view of the beaver pond we live on. We also added 2 ten foot sliding doors onto this porch. The staircase Zsolt did can only be described as amazing. It looks like it is just hanging there and the entire thing is wrapped in teak. The wood grain on every corner matches just like the top of Mr. S's corner posts. Every person that has come into our house has said “wow, look at that staircase”. On our upper floor we moved walls creating a large family room and added 240 sq ft. of bathroom off of the master bedroom over what had been a deck.
    The first thing Zoltan's crew did was put up visqueen walls, complete with zippered doors, separating us from the areas being worked on. There was a huge amount of  demolition but we stayed relatively dust free in the areas we were living in.
    The entire project went very smooth and efficient. His crew is the most honest, trustworthy, and caring group you could ever want to work with. We were very pleased with the quality of work done by his subcontractors as well, particularly his electrician. I almost felt guilty covering the wiring that was done. I worked at Boeing and know the quality of wiring in commercial aircraft, and what was done in my walls was up to par with that in a 747. Every corner symmetrically bent and all wires evenly spaced and flat. Actually quite hard to explain, but beautiful work…guess that's a guy thing. The other  sub contractor that was amazing was the painters. They did an absolutely amazing job. Very hard-working and conscientious team. The quality of the finish millwork in the home is also amazing. The fact that Zsolt, who did it all, was at one time a furniture maker definitely shows.
    We are extremely happy with the work that Zoltan Farkas Construction did and would highly recommend them to anyone considering using them as a contractor.
    I'll finish this by saying that not only are the Farkas brothers great at what they do, but they and their families are wonderful people. We are very pleased to have worked with them and are equally pleased to be able to call them friends. They are skilled craftsman, and truly caring, honest and truthful.
    I started this letter by  mentioning that the remodel wasn't my idea, but I was going with the flow, I will now admit that I'm very happy with what was done and am quite proud of my home.

    — Dan Obermaier

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